I’ll see you next year.

5:27AM - Just a couple hours before I get royally owned by my exam. At least it’s my last one I guess.

6:22AM - ughhh afuihiuhiutehguih I can’t fail this course. but there’s soooo much to know. 

6:42AM - I spent a good hour or so earlier today deciding whether or not I could attain a new blackberry because Telus is having a rather sweet deal. It’s on a one year term and you can get the phone for free but the plan has to be at least $45, which isn’t too bad. So the idea is after tomorrow, go to the mall and try to cancel my current phone and sign up for this plan before the deal ends at midnight, all the while somehow convincing my parents this is a good idea and finding out a way to pay for this via a job..

8:10AM - I went to lie down around 7 but didn’t fall asleep for at least half an hour. Now I’m awake and running through more PDFs and eating breakfast until I have to leave. Dreading this.

I am so very very bad at math and derivatives. I don’t know how I’m going to get through fourth year economics at this rate.